Industry & Technology


The key purpose of this webinar is to hear from top leading investor from J&J and Orbimed Advisors on their Investment and Licensing strategy within the Healthcare.

After watching this webinar, you will understand how investors in “Healthcare” are looking at the technology sector and what are the key investment criteria before committing investments. The webinar targets primarily Investors interested to understand the Healthcare investment and licensing dynamics.


The key purpose of this webinar is to learn about key trends in Investment and Insurtech, in particular, from industry leaders representing the Venture Capital and Corporate Venturing.

The webinar targets primarily Investors interested to understand the market and Investment dynamics within the insurance industry.

Cédric Kohler, managing partner of Chreathor Venture Management presents its investment focus and provides an overview of the Insurance Industry value chain, the venture capital investment activity and emerging opportunities in the sector

Dennis Just from Knip, a Swiss Mobile-First Insurance Broker a who raised $15.7M Series B in 2015, shares his views on how the industry is evolving, and will be interesting opportunities to pursue.

Imran Akram and Minh Tran, from Axa Ventures present their investment focus and how they see the investment opportunities both across the Globe as well as in EU.

Design and Fashion

In this webinar, Riccardo Aimerito will share with you his experience in the design fashion and creative industries with a focus on user’s experiences (especially on how to create a brand and how to expend this brand globally). Going from the definition of brand and creative industries to the framework where the venture can be set up and how to develop the company with a particular focus on the branding. 

Mr. Riccardo Aimerito, co-Founder and Partner of ERA Kapital ( is investing in SMEs and early stage companies. Prior to this, he worked in Milan, London, Paris, Chicago, and Moscow in different industries: TLC and Energy (Pirelli), IT (DELL), Oil & Gas (TOTAL), private equity & venture capital (Financial Institutions and Funds), project financing (EBRD) and fashion (as board member and general manager).

He is a mentor of early stage companies and in different accelerator and seed programs but also Business Angel and serial entrepreneur within the whole EU-28 and other non-EU countries. Indeed, he invested and (and is board member and advisor) in SMEs operating in life-style, design & fashion industries and technologies applied to the creative industry, machinima (ERA Kreativ-Industrie), mechatronics, cosmetics, nutraceutics and food, urban and social impact and mobility. 

He is also lecturer of the course “Deal Making Process and Structuring Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals” in post-doctoral MBA Programme for post PhD Researchers and Inventors.

Developments in the Commercial Space Sector

What investors need to know about the space technologies sector

In this module Chad Anderson elaborates on recent trends in the commercial space sector and analyses the space technologies market from an investor's perspective. In his video he will discuss recent market and technology trends as well as investment opportunities and case studies.

Life Science

What entrepreneurs and investors need to know about the life science sector

This module is covered by Prof. Ralf Kindervater of BioPro. The module is one the one hand interesting for entrepreneurs as different best practices for university or company spin-offs as well as support mechanisms are presented. On the other hand, this module is equally relevant for investors as Prof. Kindervater will provide a summary on the situation of in the life science sector.

Smart Production

What entrepreneurs and investors need to know about the smart production sector

In this online module Dr. Klaus Funk of Mikrosystemtechnik BW explains the key characteristics of the smart production sector, which is sometimes also referred to as Industry 4.0. The topic targets the increasing integration of classical production mechanisms and IT components, thus leading to cyber physical systems and disruptive industrial developments. Klaus Funk will not only discuss different form of integration in the smart production field, but will also tackle risks and opportunities this sector offers.