Business & Management

Business Idea

What entrepreneurs, researchers or students need to know about developing a business ideaIn this online module Prof. Dr. Guido Baltes discusses the essential ingredients for a good and sustainable business idea. 

Find out what the three pillars of a concise business idea are and what it takes to go from just having an idea to develop a business concept that will work.

Interpersonal Skills and Team Building

What entrepreneurs need to know about team building and team roles

In this module, Professor Alan Barrell addresses the key question of every entrepreneur about how to build a balanced and complementary team. He addresses questions of collective work and which roles should definitely be covered in a team.


What entrepreneurs, researchers and students should know about product development

Departing from the business idea module, our expert Robert Koning will discuss different types of products and product ideas in this course. In addition, Robert will tackle other aspects of the topic such as drivers of product ideas, product development and the lean startup method.


What entrepreneurs need to know about acting in situations of uncertainty

In this online module Alexandra Rudl will discuss the method effectuation, a mindset that supports entrepreneurs in the identification of opportunities and acting in situations of uncertainty. Effectuation, which has first been introduced by Saras Sarasvathy in 2001, consists of four basic principles which will be addressed in depth in this course.


What entrepreneurs should know about market analysis

In this online module Robert Koning addresses the question of market analysis. How is a market analysis properly done, how do entrepreneurs define the market for their product? Robert will discuss in detail how to find the boundaries of "your" market, how to determine sectors and target groups and how to write a good market analysis.


What every entrepreneur needs to know about competition

Often, early stage entrepreneurs tend to underestimate their competitors or assume that their idea is so disruptive that there is no competition at all. Why this is rarely the case and how a proper competition analysis is done will be addressed by our coach Robert Koning in this webinar.

Strategic Management

What entrepreneurs need to know about management structures

In this online modules Prof. Guido Baltes from the University of Applied Sciences at Lake Constance explains how your organisational structures are connected to the strategy of your business. In addition, he explains that the right form of organisation can be crucial for your company's survival. On the basis of several case studies and examples Prof. Baltes will elaborate on different forms of management and organisational identities.

Excubation - Internal Ventures

What entrepreneurs and SMEs should know about internal ventures

In this online module Prof. Guido Baltes will discuss different forms of excubation, in other words ways of creating an internal venture. This module partly builds on the course on strategic management and addresses additional topics such as agile innovation and embedded entrepreneurial teams to set the preconditions for generating innovation inhouse. Again, case studies illustrate how excubation and continuous innovation work in practice.

Going international

What start-ups and SMEs need to know about going international

In this module, Professor Alan Barrell from the University of Cambridge will address key questions relevant for every company: How should companies go international, why should they bother about going international and do they even have a choice? Barrell will elaborate on key characteristics of "Goers" and potential advantages of internationalizing your business.