Financing your idea: introduction

What start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs should know about financing

In this course Joaquin Soucheiron explains why entrepreneurs should worry about financing. He gives an overview on different forms of financing and opportunities for founders. As an experienced coach and entrepreneur having secured two exists, he will also cover best practices and examples with advice on how to build a sustainable financing strategy.

Strategic management

What entrepreneurs need to know about management structures

In this online modules Prof. Guido Baltes from the University of Applied Sciences at Lake Constance explains how your organisational structures are connected to the strategy of your business. In addition, he explains that the right form of organisation can be crucial for your company's survival. On the basis of several case studies and examples Prof. Baltes will elaborate on different forms of management and organisational identities.


What every entrepreneur needs to know about competition

Often, early stage entrepreneurs tend to underestimate their competitors or assume that their idea is so disruptive that there is no competition at all. Why this is rarely the case and how a proper competition analysis is done will be addressed by our coach Robert Koning in this webinar.